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Last Updated: Thursday, 25 August 2005, 12:03 GMT 13:03 UK
In pictures: China-Russia exercises
Russian troops
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The Chinese and Russian military are wrapping up the first joint military exercises between the two nations. The last manoeuvre took place on Thursday in the Shandong peninsula in China's north east.
Chinese sailors
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The war games, involving 7,000 Chinese and 1,800 Russians, were launched eight days ago in the Russian far east.
Chinese Marine Corps
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Officials say Peace Mission 2005 was a practice for future peacekeeping missions. Ties between the two governments have warmed since the 1990s.
Amphibious landing
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Both sides have praised the effectiveness of the exercises, which have included amphibious landings, capturing airfields and airborne attacks.
Russian ship launches ship to ship missile
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Correspondents say the joint exercises serve to highlight the closer ties and to counterbalance what both nations see as US dominance in international affairs.
Russian pilot interviewed in China
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Analysts say the games give Russia the opportunity to showcase some of its high-tech weapons to China - one of its major arms buyers.
Chinese amphibious landing craft leaves a landing ship
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No one has said who the mock enemy is supposed to be, but some analysts suggest the games could be seen as a warning to Taiwan.
Man and child in Beijing
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Widespread TV coverage of the exercises has sparked interest in many quarters - even if this child's toy is of a US missile launcher.

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