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In Pictures: Steve Bloom

Panda climbing a tree, Sichuan, China ęstevebloom.com

Pandas at the centre in China are in mountain-side enclosures ęstevebloom.com

Mother and baby panda, Sichuan, China ęstevebloom.com

The centre has a high level of success for panda breeding ęstevebloom.com

Panda mother and cub, Sichuan, China ęstevebloom.com

Steve Bloom had access to the mothers and their young ęstevebloom.com

Bubble Net Feeding, Humpback Whales, Petersberg, Alaska ęstevebloom.com

He saw whales feeding by forming a net with their mouths ęstevebloom.com

Polar bears nuzzling, Cape Churchill, Manitoba, Canada ęstevebloom.com

The wildlife photographer aimed for 'touching, moving' shots ęstevebloom.com

Polar bears sparring, Cape Churchill, Manitoba, Canada ęstevebloom.com

Steve Bloom found 'nature provided the choreography' ęstevebloom.com

African elephant and calf, Masai Mara, Kenya ęstevebloom.com

His pictures aim to build links between animals and people ęstevebloom.com

Elephants bathing in the Chobe River, Northern Botswana ęstevebloom.com

Photographer Steve Bloom is completely self-taught ęstevebloom.com

Humpback Whale, Petersberg, Alaska ęstevebloom.com

He compares the light and movement of pictures to music ęstevebloom.com

Brown Bear running through water, Katmai National Park, Alaska ęstevebloom.com

A charging bear provided the book's cover shot ęstevebloom.com


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