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In pictures: Romania floods
Collapsed house in Comanesti, Romania (pic: Vic Brown)
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The town of Comanesti, near Bacau in north-eastern Romania, is one of many hit by the country's worst floods in decades.
Flood-damaged houses in Comanesti, Romania (pic: Vic Brown)
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Torrential rains in July and August have washed away bridges, roads and a power plant, and left more than 160 homes damaged beyond repair.
A damaged structure and debris in Comanesti, Romania (pic: Vic Brown)
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British aid worker Vic Brown, who spent a week in Comanesti, said: "It was as if a tidal wave had ripped through the city."
A man points to his flood-damaged home in Comanesti, Romania (pic: Vic Brown)
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Many residents were still recovering from floods which devastated the town in 2004.
Damaged bridge in Comanesti, Romania (pic: Vic Brown)
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This time the damage to infrastructure is worse, with fears that repairs to some road and rail links could take years.
Flood-damaged street in Comanesti, Romania (pic: Vic Brown)
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Villages in valleys above Comanesti were cut off for days after the swollen river swept away footbridges and roads.
The Romanian flag in a schoolroom in a village near Comanesti, Romania (pic: Vic Brown)
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Fortunately no children were in class when flood waters poured through this village schoolroom.
A child in Comanesti, Romania (pic: Vic Brown)
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Many families face hunger as winter approaches, after losing their livestock, crops and possessions.
A man surveys damage left by flood waters in Comanesti, Romania (pic: Vic Brown)
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The people of Comanesti and surrounding villages face a difficult future, as they struggle to rebuild their communities.

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