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In pictures: Youth Day Mass
Nuns climb over sleeping pilgrims
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Two nuns tiptoe their way through rows of sleeping pilgrims ahead of Pope Benedict XVI's closing mass at the World Youth Day jamboree near Cologne.
Catholic pilgrims wake up at camp near Cologne
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Not everybody looked rested after a chilly night in the open-air.
Pilgrim wrapped in plastic sheet
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Some had wrapped themselves up in blankets. Others took shelter under plastic sheets.
Pilgrims wrapped in blankets
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Here, two pilgrims find some comfort by putting lit votive candles near their legs.
Catholic pilgrims walking through a misty field
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A group of youths and nuns armed with foldable chairs walk through the morning mist, ready for the mass.
Pope Benedict XVI in popemobile
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Pope Benedict XVI arrived at Marienfeld, the site of a disused mine outside Cologne, in his glassed-in popemobile .
Pope Benedict XVI
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He conducted the service from a specially-constructed altar.
Nun looks through binoculars as she attends the Pope's open-air mass near Cologne
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Hundreds of thousands of Roman Catholics attended the Mass, all hoping to get a glimpse of the German pope.


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