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Last Updated: Monday, 10 January, 2005, 16:10 GMT
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Kimono-clad diver embraces giant moray
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A diver at Tokyo's Sunshine International Aquarium, wearing a traditional kimono, embraces a giant moray during a feeding performance.
Muslim man praying at foot of Israel security wall
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Palestinians pray in front of the Israeli separation barrier at Kalandia checkpoint near the entrance to Ramallah.
Iraqi boys
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An Iraqi boy comforts his friend after a US mortar shell destroys his family home near the scene of a car bomb at the entrance of an Iraqi police station in al-Maden, south of Baghdad.
Pub landlord examines damage to his bar
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Residents of Carlisle, England, return to their homes after flooding from heavy rain engulfed parts of the city.
Earth-mover sifts through building debris
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Rescue workers sift through debris of a seven-storey building that collapsed following a fire in Bangkok.
Zoo keeper measures iguana
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Keeper David Jeschke measures iguana 'Horst" during an inventory at the zoo in Hanover, Germany.
Turkish opponents of the European Union burns EU flag
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A Turkish protester burns an EU flag during a demonstration in front of the European Union office in Istanbul to show opposition to the EU and the US.
Chinese police officers stand near three suspected robbers
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Armed police stand near three suspected robbers arrested in Shenzhen, southern China, as a warning to other would-be criminals ahead during the Spring Festival, which traditionally sees crime surge.
Sudanese man celebrates his country's landmark peace deal
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A northern Sudanese celebrates in Khartoum following the country's landmark peace deal, ending more than two decades of civil war in southern Sudan.


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