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In pictures: Artek youth camp

Aristocrats at Artek before it became a Young Pioneers' camp

Before becoming a Young Pioneers' camp, this resort on the Black Sea was used by the Russian aristocracy. (Photo: Artek archive)

Young Pioneers at Artek in the late 1920s

Only the most gifted or well-connected children could spend time at the all-year camp after it opened in 1925. (Photo: Artek archive)

Yuri Gagarin at Artek

The first man in space, Yuri Gagarin (centre, in dark jacket), was one of Artek's most famous guests. (Photo: Artek archive)

Artek's new dorms on the beach

Many of the colourful new dorms are right on the beach, which stretches for 8km.

Children playing games at the Artek camp

Children spend much of the day doing organised team activities.

Children on the beach

They go to the beach twice a day, where they are closely watched by team leaders.

Entertaining the crowds before a swimming competition

The Young Pioneers ceased to exist in 1990, but the camp - now in independent Ukraine - is still very popular.

Artek's small port

Up to 3,000 children can stay at the 200-hectare camp at any one time.


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