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In pictures: The many faces of Jack

Jack Nicholson

As 'Jack' celebrates its 10th year as the most popular name for baby boys in the UK, BBC News looks at some famous men who share that name. Actor Jack Nicholson, the original 'Jack the Lad', cultivated an image as a hellraiser.

Jack Charlton

World Cup winner Jack Charlton managed the Republic of Ireland football team in the 1990's.

Jack Straw

Foreign Secretary Jack Straw is one of the most powerful men in the cabinet.

Jack Dee

Jack Dee has developed a deadpan routine to become one of the most popular comics in the UK

Jack Kerouac

Writer Jack Kerouac popularised the name among followers of the 1940's Beat movement.

Jack Lemmon

Actor Jack Lemmon, star of Some Like it Hot and The Odd Couple, died in 2001 aged 76.

Jack Osbourne (left), with his sister, Kelly, mother, Sharon and father, Ozzy.

Jack Osbourne shot to fame as a result of a popular fly-on-the-wall television series about his family.

Jack McConnell

Jack McConnell, Scotland's First Minister, was a maths teacher before he turned to politics.

Jack White (right)

Jack White is one half of critically acclaimed blues-rock duo The White Stripes, who hail from Detroit.

Jack Black

Actor Jack Black is best known for his roles in School of Rock and the film adaptation of High Fidelity.



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