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Last Updated: Wednesday, 5 January, 2005, 17:15 GMT
In pictures: Meulaboh in ruins
Woman washes clothes in makeshift refugee centre
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Public buildings in the Indonesian town of Meulaboh such as this college have been turned into makeshift refugee centres to cope with those left homeless.
Homeless people seek refugee in Meulaboh college
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A lack of water and basic sanitation facilities means that conditions in such camps are getting worse.
Vehicle on top of piled debris in Meulaboh
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The devastation caused by the tsunami razed large parts of Meulaboh to the ground.
Indonesian troops in Meulaboh
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Locals complain that the Indonesian military has focused too much on security instead of the relief operation.
Boat washed up in Meulaboh street
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Meulaboh - a remote part of Aceh province - and other towns have been slow to receive outside aid.
Remains of a Meulaboh house destroyed by the tsunami
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Also there is growing concern about the spread of disease as conditions deteriorates


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