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In Pictures: Somali tsunami
An area near Bander Beyla in Somalia where 180 houses were destroyed by the tsunami
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Fishing villages along Somalia's north-eastern coastline have been devastated by the Indian Ocean tsunami.
An area near Bander Beyla in Somalia where 180 houses were destroyed by the tsunami
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Whole communities have had their houses reduced to rubble. Some 54,000 are estimated to be affected.
A mourning Somali mother and child
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This woman lost her husband to the giant waves. Local authorities in Puntland - the region worst affected - say 298 Somalis, mainly fisherman, have died.
Beach in Bander Beyla strewn with debris from the tsunami
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Boats as well as houses were swept away, threatening the communities' livelihoods. Most catches are exported, bringing in essential revenue.
Dead lobster in fishing nets in the town of Gabba
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This dead lobster was dumped with other debris by the waves some 300m from the seashore, behind coastal housing in the village of Gabba.
Red Crescent flag in the village of Maraya in Somalia, where the organisation is handing out medical kits
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The Somali Red Crescent was the first aid agency to reach villages near Bander Beyla with medical assistance. While the UN has so far provided some 12,000 people with food assistance and is preparing to help many more.
Red Crescent officials in Maraya, a village in Somalia affected by the tsunami
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Here, Red Crescent officials prepare to hand out medical kits. According to the organisation more than 280 were wounded in the Bander Beyla region by the flooding.
Temporary shelters in Gabac, a village destroyed by the Indian Ocean tsunami
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Waiting for food aid, people in Gabac have built temporary shelters from the flotsam and jetsam thrown up by the sea.
Caves along the beach in Tulele, a fishing village on the coast of Somalia affected by the tsunami
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While, some in Tulele are seeking shelter in caves along the beach. Photographs: Puntland Human Rights Organisation


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