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Your pictures: Life after the tsunami
Workers in Bangkok, Thailand, load boxes of aid into trucks
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Reader Jean-Pierre Brown snapped these Thai workers in Bangkok loading much-needed aid for those affected by the tsunami disaster.
Duncan Wilson in ruins of homes in Sri Lanka
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Emma Boyle took this picture of her friend Duncan Wilson trying to siphon petrol from their car in Sri Lanka to drive for help after their area was devastated....
Debris from coastal village in Sri Lanka
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... as this second picture shows.
Flood waters swirling around debris
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Reader Tuan Rinooshan sent in this picture of waters swirling around debris in the coastal Sri Lankan town he was visiting.
Survivors wade through water near beach in Kerala, India
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Dazed locals on a beach in Kerala, India, search for injured as water swirls around them in Brent Calaway's picture. "Luckily, there was a canal near the beach and people were washed into it. Still, 38 people in that village lost their lives," he wrote.
People walk on recently cleared beach in Phuket, Thailand
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Philippe Nottet's friends sent this image of a recently cleared beach in Phuket, Thailand, where drag marks from rakes can still be seen on the sand.
Boat smashed inland by water in Koh Phi Phi island in Thailand
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Koh Phi Phi island in Thailand was one of the worst hit, with boats smashed hundreds of metres inland by the water. Readers Steve and Hannah Irwin said it resembled "a war zone".
Boats lie stranded on damaged harbour in Seychelles
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In the Seychelles, a reader snapped this huge crack in a local harbour after waves brought the boats onto shore.
Young children in Sri Lanka load boxes in their home for victims of tsunami
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Thousands of people across the world have mobilised to collect aid for victims, from these young children gathering supplies in Sri Lanka...
Residents of Cardiff, Wales collect aid and load it onto vehicles for disaster victims
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... to Cardiff in Wales, where Roshan Khan took this picture of locals collecting aid for disaster victims.



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