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In pictures: Coping with the aftermath
Two young Thai girls hug during a candlelit memorial service in Thailand
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Two young girls hug during a memorial service for tsunami victims attended by Muslims, Christians and Buddhists on the Thai island of Phuket.
Buddhist monks hold candles during a memorial service in Thailand
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Buddhist monks hold some of the 10,000 candles lit during the ceremony. Hundreds of lanterns were also released into the night sky.
Little girl in Kallar, southern India, plays in a courtyard
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A little girl plays in southern India as her parents recover what they can from their home, shattered by the tsunami waves.
Market in Kogalla, south-western Sri Lanka
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A Sri Lankan vegetable market reopens for the first time after the disaster.
Temporary accommodation in southern Thailand
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The Thai authorities have been building temporary houses for their victims.
Sri Lankan Muslim woman inspects ruins of home
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People in Kattankudi, Sri Lanka, are organising the reconstruction of their own town.
Refugees receive clothes in centre on the edge of Banda Aceh
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Refugees in Aceh, meanwhile, are receiving vital aid.
Water aid being prepared for delivery on US aircraft carrier Abraham Lincoln
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Large amounts are coming from the US aircraft carrier Abraham Lincoln, anchored off the coast.
Refugee at hospital in Port Blair drinks water with his granddaughter
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Many victims are still receiving hospital treatment, like this man from Great Nicobar Island with his granddaughter.
Buddhist monks distribute aid
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Buddhist monks have been joining in Thailand's relief effort.
Rizal Shahputra, rescued by a Malaysian ship
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And miracles are still happening. This Aceh man, rescued after spending days at sea, was taken safely to Malaysia.


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