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Last Updated: Tuesday, 4 January, 2005, 16:31 GMT
In pictures: Waiting for rescue
Black Hawk, Galle
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Red Cross workers race to get relief supplies from the crew of a US helicopter in Galle, Sri Lanka.
Elephant in Aceh
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In Aceh, the Indonesian province that bore the brunt of the tsunami, an elephant makes light work of heavy debris.
Acehnese women
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Acehnese women wait in line for a delivery of fresh drinking water from Australian soldiers.
Karachi navy ship
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Governments have sent their armed forces to assist. Here, Pakistani naval officers pray aboard their vessel in Karachi before embarking on an aid mission.
Girl forages for driftwood
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An Indian girl forages for driftwood amid the debris, as fishing communities try to recover.
Girl waits for food
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Despite their steps towards self-reliance, thousands of survivors - such as this girl in India - still depend on food hand-outs for their survival.
Waving from the beach, Nagapattinam
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Repaired fishing boats prove they are sea-worthy once more, bringing a smile to the faces of these fishermen in Nagapattinam, India.
Family in north-eastern Sri Lanka
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Sri Lanka suffered the most from the disaster, after Indonesia. A family in the island's north-east, controlled by Tamil rebels, awaits aid in its battered house.
Thai soldier with child
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A Thai soldier cradles a western child - almost half the disaster's victims in Thailand are thought to have been holidaying foreigners.
Burning debris
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Tsunami debris burns on the beaches of southern India. Thousands who lost everything to the invading sea waters are asking what the future holds.


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