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Last Updated: Sunday, 2 January, 2005, 15:01 GMT
In pictures: Distributing aid in Aceh
US navy officer surveys the Acehnese coast, 2 Jan
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Aid helicopters have finally arrived in the Indonesian province of Aceh, to take supplies to the remote coastal areas.
Indonesian villagers stand amid the ruins of Kuede Teunom, 2 Jan
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Many communities across Aceh's western coast have been decimated by last Sunday's disaster.
A barge sits on the road amidst the debris in Meulaboh, 2 Jan
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At least 10,000 people are thought to have died in the town of Meulaboh alone.
An Indonesian flag flies at half-mast from a government building in Meulaboh, 2 Jan
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The town's flag is flying at half mast to commemorate the community's dead.
US navy personnel give food and water supplies to refugees, 2 Jan
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Aid workers have been throwing basic food and medical supplies to those in need.
Refugees in Teunom swarm a US Navy Sea Hawk helicopter, 2 Jan
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Many of these people have not eaten since the disaster happened a week ago.
Aerial view of polluted water in Meulaboh city, 2 Jan
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Clean water is a precious commodity. Rotting corpses have polluted many rivers and most wells have been destroyed.
A family in Teunom, Aceh, 2 Jan
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People are still reeling from the scale of the disaster, and aid organisations are racing against time to prevent more deaths.


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