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Last Updated: Thursday, 30 December, 2004, 14:53 GMT
Your pictures: Asia quake disaster
Waves in Penang, Malaysia
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Ben and Belinda Esler: "We were relatively lucky in Penang as we were sheltered from most of the waves by the island of Sumatra. The waves we did get hit five hours after the main quake."
View from Arcadia Hilton, Phuket, Thailand
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Caroline and David: "We are staying at the Arcadia Hilton in Phuket where we felt the earthquake tremors at about 8am, but didn't think much about it until after breakfast when we saw that the road had turned into a river."
Tsunami out at sea, off Malaysia
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Leslie Sharpe: "I have not seen any photos of the tsunami out at sea but here is one I took at Telok Bahang, North West Penang. I was walking with my family in the Penang National Park."
Tamail Nadu, India
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Rajasekar Chelliah: "We were in Tamail Nadu, India, when the tsunami hit the place at 0940 and we managed to survive only by the grace of God."
Phi Phi Island, Thailand
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Chris Anderson and Amanda Wilson: "On Boxing Day morning we were due to depart Phi Phi Island but luckily we slept in as we could have been on the village pier waiting for the boat when the wave struck. We are very fortunate to be alive and uninjured."
Waves off Malaysia
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Agnelo Alphonse: "This picture taken from the 21st floor of a hotel, showing tidal waves moving towards Batu Feringghi Beach in Penang, Malaysia. At that time, we had absolutely no idea that these would be the killer waves that have claimed so many lives."
Patong Beach, Thailand
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John Marmon: "This photo shows the more positive side of the situation since the tsunami hit as people in Patong Beach slowly get their lives back together."


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