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In pictures: Desperation in Asia
Fishermen's colony in Tamil Nadu
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Five days after the tsunami, people are returning to India's devastated villages. Readers may find some of the following images disturbing.
Tsunami survivor in Nagapattinam, Tamil Nadu
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The waves that devastated the region killed thousands in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu.
Fishermen's colony in Tamil Nadu
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Most survivors are in dire need of help as the relief effort slowly gets under way.
An aid worker stands beside piles of clothes to be distributed to tsunami victims in the south-western Sri Lankan town of Galle
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Clothes, blankets and other supplies are arriving - notably in Sri Lanka - but have yet to reach many survivors.
Toy doll amid tsunami debris
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More than 22,000 died in Sri Lanka and many more are homeless. Villagers are still hunting for bodies among the debris.
Photos of unidentified victims at a church in Galle, Sri Lanka
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Photos of unidentified victims of the tsunami make for grim viewing, such as at this church in Sri Lanka
Women in Sampoor, Sri Lanka
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The disaster has hit a region still emerging from a bitter separatist war between Tamil Tiger rebels and the government
Bodies laid outside a temple in Khao Lak, Thailand
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Rescue workers continue to find bodies in Thailand and elsewhere following the catastrophic sea surges.
Street scene in Phuket, Thailand
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The giant wave left urban streets in ruins, tossing cars around like flotsam.
Cremation near the sea at Nagapattinam, India
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In the haste to dispose of decomposing bodies, the dead are often buried - or cremated - before identification.
Father with injured daughter in Aceh, Indonesia
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While the dead await identification, the search is on to aid the sick such as this little girl in Indonesia.
Sri Lanka survivor greeted at Gatwick Airport, UK
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Some of the Westerners who survived have been returning to their home countries to relieved families and friends.


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