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Your pictures: Asian sea surges
Madras (Chennai) after the quake
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The waves that hit India's southern city of Madras (Chennai) have left hundreds of thousands homeless. Photo - Shankar Gopinath.
Madras (Chennai) Marina
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The tsunami has killed more than 7,000 people along India's coast. Photo - Shankar Gopinath.
Debris emerges from the sea after the tsunami
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Tamil Nadu is the worst-hit state in India. Photo - Shankar Gopinath.
Elliot's Beach, Madras, after the tsunami
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People were hoisted to safety by helicopter from Madras beaches. Photo - B Giridhar.
Flip-flops on the beach after the tsunami
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Many children, both locals and Westerners, were swept away by the waves as they played on the sand. Photo - B Giridhar.
Patong, Thailand, after the quake
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A massive clean-up operation is under way in Patong, Thailand. Photo - Keith Lambert.
Debris scattered on Patong beach, Thailand
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Hotels and guesthouses on the beach front have all been washed away. Photo - Keith Lambert.
Three cars on top of one another along a street in Patong, Thailand
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Cars were piled up on top of each other and walls torn down in the town centre. Photo - Keith Lambert.
Flooded hotel in Patong, Thailand
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Locals fear that tourism, their main resource, will take years to return to normal. Photo - Keith Lambert
Penang, Malaysia, after the quake
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In Malaysia, most casualties were recorded in the holiday resort of Penang. Photo - Norhidayah Baharom.
People working around overturned boats in Penang, Malaysia.
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The Malaysian government has pledged to help rebuild the houses on more solid foundations. Photo - Norhidayah Baharom.
Flooded street in Penang
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Many of those who survived lost all their belongings. Photo - Norhidayah Baharom.


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