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In pictures: Asian quake disaster
Bodies wrapped in red plastic bags await to be collected on Phi Phi island in southern Thailand
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Hundreds of tourists died on Thailand's beaches - notably on Phi Phi island.
Swedish tourist on Phi Phi island
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The smell from dead bodies is overwhelming on Phi Phi, as survivors from Sunday's tsunami wait to leave the area.
A scene of devastation at Patong beach resort on the island of Phuket, Thailand
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Huge waves - some up to 10m (33ft) high - swept away buildings and picked up cars in neighbouring Phuket.
Thai soldiers survey the damage at Nam Khem village, Pang-Nga province
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Thai authorities are struggling to assess the casualties and the extent of the damage.
Volunteers carry a body in India's southern state of Tamil Nadu
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In southern India too, bodies washed onto the shores in the aftermath of the sea surge.
An Indian woman and her child receive bread from a relief volunteer
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A massive aid effort is under way in the country.
An Indian woman searches the remains of her home
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Indians are trying to recover what is left of their possessions amid the debris of their homes.
Government workers and volunteers pile unidentified bodies in a mass burial pit in Galle, Sri Lanka
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In Sri Lanka, one of the hardest-hit countries, bodies are having to be burned or buried before they can be identified.
Residents of Banda Aceh sit as they wait for help following a devastating quake and series of tsunamis that struck the province
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Indonesia's Aceh province, near the epicentre of the original tremor, got the full force of both the quake and the tsunami.
Meulaboh town, Aceh province
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There are fears for residents of the town of Meulaboh in Aceh. Aerial surveillance found little sign of life.
Indonesian Air Force officer checks relief supplies to transport to Aceh Province at Halim Perdana Kesumah Airforce base in Jakarta
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Indonesian survivors are in dire need of aid, as malaria and other diseases pose a serious threat.
Queuing for fuel in Banda Aceh
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People in Aceh are having to fend for themselves as fuel, food and water supplies run dangerously low.


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