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Last Updated: Monday, 27 December, 2004, 16:45 GMT
In pictures: South Asia quake aftermath
The ruined bus station at Galle, Sri Lanka
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Sri Lanka was worst hit by the giant waves caused by Sunday's earthquake off Sumatra.
Aerial view of Hikkaduwa in Sri Lanka
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An aerial view of Hikkaduwa, south of Colombo, shows the extent of the devastation.
Debris litters railway at southern Sri Lankan town of Lunawa
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Here, survivors pick their way through debris on a railway line in the town of Lunawa.
Hand of a dead child in Galle, Sri Lanka
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Now comes the grisly task of finding the dead and returning them to their families.
Volunteers carry a body to hospital at Nagapattinam in southern India
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Volunteers were drafted in at Nagapattinam in southern India to help move the dead.
Survivors at Karmavadi in southern India
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Whole communities were washed away without warning as the wall of water struck.
Grieving women in southern India
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Many were left with nothing but sorrow after the extent of the devastation became apparent.
Aid workers in Colombo
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A massive aid operation is getting into full swing to reach victims of Sunday's huge sea surges.


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