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In pictures: Robin Cook's career
Cook with wife Gaynor (left) on election night 2001
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Robin Cook held frontbench posts for Labour from 1986 and became foreign secretary when the party came to power after the 1997 general election.
Robin Cook meets Russian leader Vladimir Putin on a visit to Russia in 2003
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Mr Cook's tenure as foreign secretary between 1997 and 2001 ensured that he won prominent admirers around the world.
Robin Cook at the Hay literary festival in May 2004
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Mr Cook was considered to be one of the Commons' most intelligent MPs and was highly regarded for his oratory skills.
Robin Cook with racing commentator John McCririck in 1997
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In his spare time, Mr Cook was known to be a passionate horse-racing fan.
Robin Cook with Labour MP Frank Dobson (left) after making his resignation speech
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The former foreign secretary's stance on Iraq, which prompted his resignation from the Cabinet in March 2003, enhanced his reputation as a man of principle.
Robin Cook with PLO leader Yasser Arafat in 1998
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The former foreign secretary courted controversy throughout his career, but was respected by both friends and opponents for his integrity.


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