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Last Updated: Monday, 27 December, 2004, 15:23 GMT
Your pictures: Asian sea surges
Buses were knocked over by the waves
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Buses were overturned in the Thai tourist resort island of Phuket. Photo: Dennis G Pedersen.
Bang Tao beach on the Thai island of Phuket.
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Wooden structures on Phuket's beaches were crumpled by the surge of water. Photo - Maurice de Jong
Stranded boats near Phuket Town
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Fishing boats piled up at the docks near Phuket Town. Photo - David Brettell.
Krabi falls victim to the waves
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There were also floods in the Thai resort of Krabi. Photo - Robert Herrick.
A man struggles through the streets of Male
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Male in the Maldives was flooded by the sea surges. Photo - Ibrahim Rasheed.
A boat washed ashore in the capital of the Maldives, Male.
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Boats were even washed ashore in the capital. Photo - Ismail Mazham.
Kurumba resort, Male, Maldives, flooded after the tsunami
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In Kurumba resort, just outside of Male, a breaker could not prevent the flooding. Photo - Kalifa Al-Misnad .
Air Taxi airport at Male
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The Air Taxi airport is under water, hampering evacuation efforts. Photo - Tracey Jirak.
Flooded beach in Besant Nagar, Chennai, India
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A view of Besant Nagar, Chennai, southern India, after the waves struck. Photo - D. Ashwin.
Flooded beach with boats - Malaysia
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The Malaysian coast has suffered major damage, too. Photo - Ali Tasker.
Waves hitting the north coast of Penang, Malaysia
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The waves are caught on camera as they approach the north coast of Penang, Malaysia. Photo - Laurence M Bean.
Stranded boat - Seychelles
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The Seychelles suffered some damage, too. Photo - Eddy Telemaque.


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