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In pictures: Asian quake disaster
Residents of Banda Aceh sit as they wait for help following a devastating quake and series of tidal waves that struck the province
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Getting aid to the many victims of the Indian Ocean earthquake will be an unprecedented challenge, the UN says.
A woman cries near the body of her child, unseen, who was killed by tidal waves at Silver Beach in Cuddalore, India, on Monday
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Estimates say the final number of dead could reach tens of thousands across south-east Asia. Many people remain unaccounted for.
A scene of devastation at Patong beach resort on the island of Phuket, Thailand
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The huge waves - some up to 10 metres (33 feet) high - swept away buildings in their path and picked up cars like matchsticks.
People walk through a temporary morgue in Banda Aceh
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People scoured makeshift mortuaries for loved ones in Banda Aceh, Indonesia - one of the worst hit places.
An aerial view of Indonesia's Aceh province taken after Sunday's 9.0 magnitude earthquake
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The town, located near the tremor's epicentre, is still flooded.
Rescue workers pile up coffins beside dead bodies at a cremation site in Khao Lak, a province of the tourist resort island of Phuket
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Luxury hotels in Thailand's southern Phuket region have been turned into temporary morgues.
Sri Lankan troops patrol Galle in southern Sri Lanka, one of the worse areas hit by the sea surges
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In Galle, Sri Lanka, soldiers have been deployed to prevent looting.
A reunited family of tourists - Krabi, southern Thailand
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Meanwhile, family members have been searching for each other.
Tourists and workers wait at the jetty on the Phi Phi island in southern Thailand holiday resort which was destroyed by the tsunami
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Large numbers of tourists are waiting to leave the region and escape the devastation.
Members of a Pakistani non-governmental organisation, the Edhi Welfare Foundation, prepare burial shrouds for the victims of the 26 December tsunamis at their offices in Karachi
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Offers of aid have been sent from countries around the world. Here, a Pakistani group prepares death shrouds to donate to victim nations...
French aid workers in Roissy airport, Paris
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... while in Paris, rescue workers from the Red Crescent and Rescuers Without Borders wait for a flight to Sri Lanka.


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