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In Pictures: Prince's graduation

The Queen at St Andrews University in 1982

The Queen had been given a tiny gown for her new grandson Prince William two weeks after his birth in 1982.

The Queen at St Andrews

Twenty-three years later, the Queen arrives at St Andrews ahead of Prince William's graduation. He gained a 2:1 in geography.

Prince Charles arrives at St Andrews

Prince Charles, who gained a class 2:2 degree in history from Cambridge University, arrives for his son's graduation.

A birretum

As each graduate kneels before the chancellor's wooden pulpit, it is the custom for them to be tapped on the head with a 17th century cap called a birretum.

Prince William after graduating

A proud Prince William, wearing a black silk robe, after receiving his degree certificate.

Prince William

Prince William, who studied for four years at St Andrews, emerges into the sunshine with other new graduates.

Prince William greets the crowds

The new graduate chats and shakes hands with well-wishers. Hundreds of people lined the streets of the Scottish town.

Prince William laughing

The prince is in a celebratory mood as he makes his way through the crowds



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