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In pictures: Cardinal Sin's life

Cardinal Jaime Sin, undated file photo

The Philippines' Cardinal Jaime Sin, who has died aged 76, was a religious leader of huge influence in South East Asia.

Crowds gather in Manila as part of "People Power" revolt, February 24, 1986

He played a key role in toppling two former presidents - Ferdinand Marcos in 1986...

A supporter of Philippine President Joseph Estrada thrusts a poster of Cardinal Jaime Sin before setting a fire in Manila's Makati business district Friday, Jan. 19, 2001.

...and Joseph Estrada in 2001.

Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, 2nd from left, is sworn-in by Chief Justice Hilario Davide, 2nd from right, as the 14th president of the Republic of the Philippines, 20/01/2001.

When President Gloria Arroyo took over, she enjoyed Cardinal Sin's support.

Philippine President Gloria Arroyo (R) congratulates Jaime Cardinal Sin (L) for the special Papal award after a mass at the cardinal's residence in Mandaluyong city suburban Manila, 28 April 2005.

He suffered a long illness, due to kidney problems and diabetes, and had retired in November 2004.

Pope John Paul II accompanied by Manila Archbishop Cardinal Jaime Sin (L) waves to a huge crowd of students at the grounds of the University of Santo Tomas 13 January 1995 in Manila.

Cardinal Sin was close to Pope John Paul II, whose death in April affected him deeply.



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