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Last Updated: Saturday, 18 June 2005, 22:08 GMT 23:08 UK
In pictures: Anti-gay marriage rally
Priests at head of anti-gay march
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Twenty Catholic bishops led a Madrid protest against government plans to allow gay couples to marry and adopt.
Madrid anti-gay protest
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An estimated 500,000 joined the march.
Madrid anti-gay protest
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Buses were laid on to bring people to the city and there were even special flights from the Canary Islands and Spanish enclaves in Morocco.
Madrid anti-gay protest
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The march was organised by a lay Catholic group - the Catholic Church holds great sway in the predominantly Catholic country.
Madrid anti-gay protest
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The Church has condemned the decision by Spain's lower house to vote in favour of gay marriage, describing it as profoundly iniquitous.
Madrid protesters
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The protest had the slogan "The family matters".
Pro-gay rights campaigner
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In response pro-gay rights activists staged their own demonstration nearby.
Family at pro-gay rally
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Young families were in evidence at the pro-gay rally too.
Two gay men kissing
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Opinion polls suggest that despite Saturday's protest a majority of Spaniards support the government bill.

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