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In Pictures: Zentrum Paul Klee
Park near Lu by Paul Klee, 1938. Oil and coloured paste on paper. Courtesy of Zentrum Paul Klee
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A new centre opens in Bern, Switzerland, on Monday to celebrate the life and work of modern artist Paul Klee.
Monument in the Fertile Country, 1929. Watercolour and pencil on paper. Courtesy of Zentrum Paul Klee
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The Zentrum Paul Klee celebrates the work of a key figure in the movement from impressionism to abstract art, who was born in 1879.
High Spirits, 1939. Coloured paste and oil on paper on burlap. Courtesy of Zentrum Paul Klee
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Klee's rich, colour-soaked canvases were considered a model by American abstract artists like Jackson Pollock.
Hovering, 1930. Oil on canvas. Courtesy of Zentrum Paul Klee
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Klee described himself as "intangible". He expanded the vocabulary of painting by using line, colour, and texture in powerful juxtapositions.
Before the Gates of Kairouan, 1914. Watercolour on paper. Courtesy of Zentrum Paul Klee
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Although he was born and died in Switzerland, Klee was actually German and spent his formative years in Germany.
Zentrum Paul Klee
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The Zentrum Paul Klee houses more than 4,000 of Klee's 10,000 works, making it one of the largest collections of pieces by a single artist worldwide.
Zentrum Paul Klee
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The centre was designed by architect Renzo Piano, who helped create Osaka's Kansai airport and the Pompidou Centre in Paris.
Paul Klee. Courtesy of Zentrum Paul Klee.
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Paul Klee at work in his Bern studio in 1939. He went into exile in Switzerland after he was included in a Nazi ban on "degenerate" artists. He died in 1940.

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