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Your perspective on the world: 2004
Woman's hands
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Here is our selection of the best photographs sent in by you, our readers, during the last 12 months. We start with a picture sent in by Bernard Russo.
Bovril sign
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Nicole Fougère: "I love the old advertising you can find around London if you look close enough. This Bovril advertisement has been created from coloured bricks inlaid in to the end wall of a block of houses. It is symbolically fading into history."
The 2nd Brigade Combat Team of the US Army, Fort Drum, NY
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Brian Schroeder: "The 2nd Brigade Combat Team of the US Army, Fort Drum, NY".
Gay Pride 2004
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Alfonso Salcedo: "Here is one of the photos I took at the Gay Pride 2004."
Giraffe's neck
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Jayita Bhojwani: "This photo was taken while on safari at San Diego's Wild animal Park. In the dusk, the giraffe bent over with her neck parallel to the horizon."
Watching a storm approach
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Scott Payseur: "On the train to Ayutaya, Thailand, a girl watches with excitement as a thunderstorm approaches."
14th July, Paris
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François-Xavier: "14th July fireworks at the Eiffel Tower, as seen from the Ecole Militaire."
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Sarah Abbott: "This is Bobby Gillespie from Primal Scream getting his rocks off at 3am at the FIB Heineken music festival in Benicassim, Spain."
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Lekshmi Chakravarthy: "Dinner time, folks!"
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Emma Stoddard: "Here is my favourite picture. It's of my boyfriend Rob climbing in Fontainebleau, France. My friend Helen is in the background."
Honeymoon in the Maldives
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Irina Chirkova: "This is me on my honeymoon in the Maldives, it's a wonderful place. With love from Russia."
Girl's feet
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Izdeyar Senta: "Little girl with no shoes in the city of Karachi."
By the coast, Portsmouth
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Wei Yang: "As an overseas student here in Manchester, I have travelled around the UK, experiencing the tastes of cultures, sometimes savoury, sometimes not. This is a couple sitting on the beach near King James Terrace, Portsmouth."
Jake running at sunset
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Alan Thompson: "Jake (aged 6) running in the grounds of Denbigh Castle at sunset."
Boy and Christmas lights
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David Thompson: "While sorting through our old decorations, our youngest, Henry, decided to hide under the lights we were testing, creating a random moment which captures the warmth of the moment."

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