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In pictures: Bolivian protests
Bolivia's new President Eduardo Rodriguez waves to crowds in the city of Sucre
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Bolivia's Congress has sworn in caretaker President Eduardo Rodriguez in a dramatic effort to end weeks of political crisis.
Senate leader Hormando Vaca Diez (left) shakes hands with new President Eduardo Rodriguez
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The move came after lawmakers at an emergency session accepted Carlos Mesa's resignation and heads of both houses of Congress renounced their claim to the presidency.
Bolivia's indigenous protesters celebrate in Sucre
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Bolivian protesters - many of them of indigenous descent - celebrated the news on the streets, setting out dynamite charges.
Rally in the city of La Paz
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Demonstrators have been pressing for the nationalisation of the country's rich gas reserves, constitutional reform and early elections.
Miners in Sucre
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On Thursday, protesting miners managed to enter the city of Sucre, where Congress was meeting, despite a heavy security cordon.
A miner runs away from tear gas fired by police in Sucre
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Police fired tear gas as protests escalated, prompting fears that the crisis could deepen.
A doctor (right) and miners carry the body of their colleague in Yolata, near Sucre
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One miner was shot dead near Sucre in a clash with the troops - the first fatality in weeks of the unrest.
A boy prays on his knees in front of a cross of candles in La Paz
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Some Bolivians just prayed, asking for the end of the violence and fears that had engulfed the country.


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