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In pictures: Karzai sworn in
Afghan border guards on duty at Kabul airport as VIPs fly in
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A massive security operation was mounted ahead of Tuesday's ceremony to swear in Hamid Karzai as president of Afghanistan - three years after the fall of the Taleban.
Banner hailing Karzai's inauguration on Kabul street
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Some of the streets of the capital had been decked with festive lights, banners and flags for the occasion.
Hamid Karzai, with former king Zahir Shah
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Before the ceremony, Mr Karzai (centre) and former king Zahir Shah (left) reviewed a guard of honour.
Chief Justice Fazil Hadi Shinwary (front right) leads Karzai as he takes the oath of office at the Presidential Palace.
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Mr Karzai's inauguration as his country's first democratically elected president is being seen as a landmark.
Hamid Karzai takes the oath of office
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As he completed his oath of allegiance, applause broke out from the audience of Afghan politicians and foreign dignitaries gathered at the Presidential Palace.
Dick Cheney (second left) and his wife Lynne
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Among those who made the trip to Kabul were US Vice President Dick Cheney (second left) and his wife Lynne.
German peacekeeper patrols Kabul
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Much of the centre of Kabul was closed for security reasons, and many Afghans stayed at home and watched the ceremony on television.
Hamid Karzai delivering speech at inauguration
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In a speech at the ceremony, Mr Karzai said terrorism and the drugs trade were still a major threat to the country.

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