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Life in pictures: Anne Bancroft
Anne Bancroft. Picture: July 2004
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Oscar-winning actress Anne Bancroft has died of uterine cancer in a New York hospital, aged 73.
Anne Bancroft studies a script in her New York apartment. Picture: June 1963
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Born Anna Maria Louise Italiano in New York's Bronx to Italian immigrant parents, she had recalled wanting to be an actress from an early age.
Anne Bancroft as the teacher Anne Sullivan in the Broadway play The Miracle Worker. Picture: October 1959
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In 1962, she won the Oscar for playing the teacher of a deaf and blind girl in The Miracle Worker, after first successfully creating the role in the Broadway play.
Anne Bancroft and Dustin Hoffman in a scene from The Graduate
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Yet despite the win and four other Oscar nominations, her most famous role came in 1967 as the seductive Mrs Robinson, starring opposite Dustin Hoffman.
Newlyweds Anne Bancroft and Mel Brooks in New York. Picture: August 1964
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In 1964, Bancroft married comedian and director Mel Brooks, recalling fondly later that he was "the right man".
Anne Bancroft. Picture: July 1997
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Anne Bancroft became known for her ability to assume a variety of portrayals, with her colleagues describing her as a masterful performer.

Graduate star Anne Bancroft dies
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