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In Pictures: Mock Turner Prize
Goblin, Merana Cadorette
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Merana Cadorette, who created this hand-crafted goblin, was one of many readers who entered our mock Turner Prize competition. We have picked the best of your contemporary art and you can choose your favourite by voting.
Women of Two Cultures, Paul Thurlow
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Women of Two Cultures by Paul Thurlow, from Portsmouth, was painted using oil paints on the back of an old kitchen cupboard. It depicts a geisha and a western woman and how their cultural differences are reflected in their dress.
Start of the Universe, Roger Thelwell
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'The start of the universe. Well, waiting for mine to begin.' Roger Thelwell's image is actually a streetlamp shot through a beaded window in his bathroom.
Bite Back, Brian Collins
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Brian Collins, from Cheltenham, calls this painting Bite Back. "The idea originated when I noticed that the first bite of an apple often looks rather mouth-like itself, the logical progression was to add teeth."
Bi-polar, Chris Jordan
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Chris Jordan's 'Bi-polar' was drawn with a sparkler and photographed using a single long exposure (around 10 seconds).
Madonna and Child, Joel Vega
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Madonna and Child by Joel Vega is a digital photo collage of an Old Master painting, created using images from news magazines. It also gives a contemporary nod to the recent bird flu outbreak in Asia.
The Birth of Life, Tony Wood
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Tony Wood's naturally formed sculpture was created when lightning caused a fire which gutted his workshop. It consists of melted records, a joiner's triangle and the remains of an 1875 mantle clock and is entitled Birth of Time.
Fiat, Danielle Shang
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Danielle Shang, from Los Angeles, shot this photograph of a Fiat Cinquecento in downtown Los Angeles.
Evolution, Gareth Bennett
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Londoner Gareth Bennett created this piece as a comment "about evolution and how nature is a perpetual reaction".
Warbelly, Martin Reed
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Martin Reed's Warbelly is described by the Newcastle artist as a non-political, gut image. All images were sent in by members of the public.

Vote for the Mock Turner winner
1. Merana Cadorette
2. Paul Thurlow
3. Roger Thelwell
4. Brian Collins
5. Chris Jordan
6. Joel Vega
7. Tony Wood
8. Danielle Shang
9. Gareth Bennett
10. Martin Reed
545 Votes Cast
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