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In pictures: Light bulbs of hope
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Gloria was diagnosed HIV positive in 1994. She works from her township home outside Cape Town decorating light bulbs with beads and wire for the Wola Nani charity. (Pictures: Robyn Hunter)
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Gloria can decorate 50 light bulbs a day. Each one earns her between 12 and 15 Rand. During a busy month she can earn R2,000 (US$346).
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Her daughter, 11, was diagnosed HIV positive after becoming very ill at the age of three. This prompted Gloria to take the test too. Her husband refused though. And despite continuing to sleep with other women he also refused to use condoms.
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They divorced in 1996. Gloria says the biggest problem adding to the pandemic is men as they "don't want to accept there's something wrong". She feels her son, 15, (pictured) will be different. He is HIV negative and wants to stay that way.
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Gloria told her family that she was positive on World Aids Day in 1999. If the neighbours knew she and her daughter were HIV positive they would be shunned. Her daughter's friends would not be allowed over to play.

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