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Last Updated: Saturday, 27 November, 2004, 15:28 GMT
In pictures: Kiev demonstrations
Opposition demonstrators in Kiev, Saturday 27 November 2004
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Opposition supporters gather in central Kiev for a sixth day to protest over the disputed presidential election.
Opposition demonstrators in Kiev, Saturday 27 November 2004
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Freezing temperatures have not deterred tens of thousands of people from showing their support for opposition candidate Viktor Yushchenko.
Police cadets wave the Ukrainian flag and orange signs of support of opposition leader Viktor Yushchenko, 26 November 2004
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Some police cadets have been showing their colours - wearing orange ribbons in support of the pro-Western Mr Yushchenko.
Police in Kiev, 26 November 2004
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Police have been deployed in case of violence but the rallies have remained peaceful. Both sides have ruled out the use of force to resolve the dispute.
Ukrainian miners, supporters of Ukraine's Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych react during his speech in Kiev, 26 November 2004
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Thousands of supporters of Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych flooded into the capital on Friday, among them miners from the pro-Russian east of the country.
Demonstrators warm themselves as they protest in front of the Ukrainian government building in Kiev, 26 November 2004.
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On Friday, supporters of Mr Yushchenko shut down the government by blocking access to key buildings.
Viktor Yushchenko (foreground) and Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych after their negotiations in Kiev, 26 November 2004
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The two rivals, Mr Yushchenko (foreground) and Mr Yanukovych have pledged to keep talking to try to resolve the dispute.
Opposition demonstrators wave an orange flag and flash a victory sign, Kiev, 26 November 2004
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In the meantime, Mr Yushchenko's supporters show no signs of ending their street protests.


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