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Last Updated: Wednesday, 24 November, 2004, 21:40 GMT
In pictures: Ukrainian poll rallies
Viktor Yushchenko
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Ukrainian opposition leader Viktor Yushchenko salutes thousands of supporters in Kiev while waiting for official presidential election results.
Vitali Klitschko and Ruslana Lyzhychko
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Heavyweight boxer Vitali Klitschko and Eurovision song contest winner Ruslana Lyzhychko offer support to Mr Yushchenko, who says he has won the poll.
Supporters of Viktor Yanukovych celebrate in central Kiev, Ukraine
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But an official tally awards victory to Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych, sparking celebrations among his followers.
Supporters of Ukraine PM Viktor Yanukovych wearing traditional Cossack uniform warm themselves in central Kiev
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Pro-Yanukovych groups have gathered in the capital along with crowds supporting the opposition in days of good-natured protests.
Supporters of the two candidates discuss the election result
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Supporters of both candidates discuss events peacefully as the electoral commission confirms Mr Yanukovych's victory.
Supporters of Viktor Yanukovych in Kiev, Ukraine
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But the election is revealing deep and dangerous divides in the country.
A woman placing flowers on the shields of riot police
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Hundreds of riot police have been on the streets of Kiev but have not been called into action.
Yushchenko supporters in Kiev
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Hundreds of thousands of undeterred Yushchenko supporters continue to demonstrate in Kiev despite the snow.
Supporters of Ukrainian opposition presidential candidate Viktor Yushchenko in Kiev
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They were on the streets of Kiev overnight.
Ukrainian opposition supporters in Kiev
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Supporters of Mr Yushchenko surrounded government offices.
Ukrainian opposition supporter in Kiev
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They are protesting against the official victory for Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych, which some believe was rigged.
Supporters of Ukrainian opposition presidential candidate Viktor Yushchenko in Lviv.
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Yushchenko supporters have also been rallying in other areas of Ukraine - like these women in the western city of Lviv.


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