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Last Updated: Saturday, 20 November, 2004, 00:49 GMT
Week in pictures: 13-19 Nov
Britain's Queen Elizabeth II
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Queen Elizabeth II leads tributes to Britain's war dead at the Service of Remembrance in London.
US marines conduct house-to-house searches in Falluja, central Iraq
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US and Iraqi forces continue the battle to control Falluja, conducting house-to-house searches.
US marines in Falluja
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The marines trying to flush out remaining fighters say they are urging surrender, but that most fighters are willing to die.
Indian Muslims celebrate the end of Ramadan
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Indian Muslims offer Eid al-Fitr prayers at the Taj Mahal in Agra.
Desert Inn Hotel being demolished
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Las Vegas' Desert Inn Hotel, once home of billionaire Howard Hughes, is demolished to make way for a new complex.
Police inspect Australian train crash site
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Police in the Australian state of Queensland inspect a train crash - more than 120 people were injured but, miraculously, no-one killed.
French President Jacques Chirac (left) and British Prime Minister Tony Blair
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French President Jacques Chirac (left) is welcomed to London by UK Prime Minister Tony Blair for the centenary of the Entente Cordiale.
Britain's Queen Elizabeth II and dinner guests at Windsor castle
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President Chirac later attended a banquet at Windsor Castle given by Britain's Queen Elizabeth II.
Israeli soldiers pull a Palestinian from a tunnel in Gaza
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Israeli soldiers pull a Palestinian out of a "smuggling tunnel" near the town of Rafah, Gaza, close to the Egyptian border.


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