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In pictures: Polio vaccination drive
A Senegalese child is immunised against polio by Sidy Siby, one of the many vaccinators who are volunteers
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Senegalese children are being vaccinated against polio, as the second phase of an effort to eradicate the crippling disease kicked off this week in West Africa.
Health worker Sidy Siby (left) talking to residents of the village of Niassene, Senegal
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Part of the job of health workers is to convince parents of the benefits of the vaccination; in Nigeria there have been safety fears.
Sidy Siby vaccinates a child as people watch in Niassene, Senegal
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People are often fascinated by the immunisation against the disease which is reaching epidemic proportions in Africa.
A baby being vaccinated
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One baby being vaccinated however showed little interest.
A polio vaccination team on the road in Rufisque district, Senegal
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The work is far from glamorous - vaccination teams have to travel along dirt tracks to get to some villages.
Head of the family holds up his son for vaccination in Rufisque district, Senegal
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Vaccinations take place in less than salubrious surroundings.
Sidy Siby carries out a vaccination while a family prepares dinner
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In Niassene, vaccinations took place while dinner was being prepared.
Briefing of a vaccination team in Niaga in Rufisque district, Senegal
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There are teams of vaccinators working across West Africa in what is the biggest ever public health drive against polio.
The vaccination team sitting down to eat dinner after a day's work
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After a long day, the health workers get together for a well-earned dinner.

UN launches key anti-polio push
08 Oct 04 |  Africa


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