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In pictures: Clinton's library
US Presidents George W Bush, Bill Clinton, George H Bush and Jimmy Carter
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Former US President Bill Clinton was joined for the opening of his library by the current and former presidents.
A firework display to celebrate the library's opening.
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President Clinton's library cost $165m (88m) to build and has won praise for its design.
The Edge and Bono on stage
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U2 rock stars Bono and The Edge performed at the ceremony, which was attended by about 30,000 guests.
Bill Clinton and George W Bush chat under umbrellas in the pouring rain
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George W Bush, the 43rd president, described President Clinton, the 42nd, as "an able and energetic American".
Bill Clinton on stage in the pouring rain
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Bill Clinton, who recently underwent open heart surgery, was once again in the spotlight.
Hillary and Bill Clinton
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Hillary Clinton joined her husband for the grand opening in Little Rock, Arkansas.
John Kerry
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John Kerry, the Democratic senator who failed to unseat President George W Bush was also there...
Al Gore and his wife Tipper
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... as was Mr Clinton's former Vice-President Al Gore, who missed out to President Bush in the 2000 election.
Display panel
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The library contains nearly 77 million documents and 1.8 million photos.
A replica of the Oval Office in President Clinton's time.
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The centrepiece is a replica of the Oval Office as it was in Mr Clinton's time in the White House.
Saxophones and Clinton family photos
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Mr Clinton's personal memorabilia are on show, including his saxophones and family photos.
Campaign buttons from President Clinton's two runs for the White House.
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Election campaign buttons mention Hillary Clinton and even the family cat, Socks.


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