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Last Updated: Thursday, 18 November, 2004, 19:26 GMT
In pictures: Falluja aftermath
A US marine patrols Falluja in a Humvee on Thursday
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US forces are still fighting in southern zones of Falluja despite optimism days ago that the operation was nearly over.
A US marine with 3/5 marines Kilo company conduct a house-to-house search in Falluja on Thursday
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The marines trying to flush out remaining fighters say they are urging surrender, but that most fighters are willing to die.
Iraqi volunteers carry a body in Falluja on Thursday
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Meanwhile, behind them, volunteers continue the grim task of collecting bodies for Muslim burial.
The damaged minaret of a mosque in Falluja on Thursday
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Around the city the signs of destruction are everywhere.
A body in an abandoned house in Falluja on Thursday
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Over 1,000 fighters have died, the US says, but the civilian toll is unknown.
Iraqis civilians are released on the outskirts of Falluja after being detained by US troops
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On the outskirts of Falluja, Iraqi civilians are released after being detained by US troops.
A displaced Iraqi girl waits with her family in a US marine truck to be evacuated from the city of Falluja on Thursday
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Displaced families wait to be evacuated from the city. They are told they will be able to return when the fighting is over.
A woman and her daughter at a refugee camp set up in Baghdad
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Many Falluja residents fled the city earlier. This woman and her daughter are in a refugee camp in Baghdad.


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