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In Pictures: Remembrance Sunday
The Queen
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The Queen was accompanied to the Service of Remembrance at the Cenotaph in London by other members of the Royal family.
Party leaders
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Tony Blair and opposition party leaders laid wreaths, followed by Commonwealth high commissioners and military top brass.
The Queen
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At the first stroke of 1100GMT, a round was fired from a field gun to start the two-minute silence.
War veterans
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About 9,000 war veterans attended the service along with thousands of civilians.
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Prince William was attending the Service of Remembrance for the first time, watching it from a first floor balcony of the Foreign Office.
Crowd at Remembrance Sunday
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Veterans of many of the conflicts of the 20th Century attended the service, including a few survivors of World War 1.
Former Black Watch soldiers
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Former Black Watch soldiers marching down Whitehall in London paid tribute to the 21 military personnel killed in Iraq this year.
Scotland's First Minister Jack McConnell
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In Edinburgh, First Minister Jack McConnell said it was important to remember those who had made the ultimate sacrifice.
Shenkin the goat
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Shenkin the goat, the Royal Regiment of Wales' mascot, led the parade at Cathays Park in Cardiff.
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Soldiers remember their fallen comrades during a Remembrance Service at Camp Dogwood, near Baghdad.


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