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Last Updated: Sunday, 14 November, 2004, 22:40 GMT
In Pictures: Battle for Falluja
US marines in Falluja
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US and Iraqi forces say they are in control of almost all of Falluja after a week of fighting.
US marines conduct house-to-house searches in Falluja
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US troops are conducting house-to-house searches.
US marines walk through the destruction in Falluja
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Much of Falluja has been devastated by the fighting.
Woman in Falluja
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Those left in Falluja are said to be in desperate need.
Baby who lost a leg in the Falluja battle
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The number of civilian casualties in unclear - this two-year-old boy lost his leg.
Iraqi Red Crescent aid convoy bound for Falluja
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The first aid convoy has entered the city, but US troops have prevented the distribution of supplies, citing security reasons.
Father and son in Baghdad camp for those displaced by fighting in Falluja
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Thousands are living in makeshift camps outside the city.
Captured insurgents in Falluja
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Hundreds of insurgents have been captured, but pockets of resistance remain in the city, the US says.
Wounded US marine
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At least 38 US soldiers have been killed and many more wounded in the operation.
A marine points to 4 explosives found hidden in a cushion during a search.
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Some homes are booby trapped. Here a bomb is found hidden in a cushion.
A US marine carries ammunition found during searches in Falluja
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Soldiers are continuing to find weapons as they move across the city.


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