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Last Updated: Monday, 8 November, 2004, 01:42 GMT
In pictures: Falluja under siege
Refugee child from Falluja
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Many Falluja residents left the Iraqi city during the April siege like this child, now living in west Baghdad with its mother.
Boy recovers in Falluja hospital
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But civilians remain in the city, living under US bombs which, as one doctor told the BBC, cannot tell women and children from militants.
Injured boy lies in Falluja hospital, his father reportedly killed by US bombing
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This little injured boy lost his father to US bombing, hospital officials said.
Bomb damage in Falluja on 7 November
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Falluja, an industrial city, suffered its heaviest air strikes on 6 November with the dropping of five 500-pound bombs, the US news agency AP reports.
US soldier glances around at a briefing near Falluja on 7 November
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Around the city, US marines are preparing for what some predict will be their toughest urban fighting since Vietnam.
US marines pray near Falluja
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They have an awesome range of weapons and kit to take to the fight against an elusive enemy.
Marine in ear phones cleans rifle at camp near Falluja
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Every detail must be checked over for the battles which may lie ahead in the brick and dust of a hostile city.
Bulldozer makes new ditch on border as Syrian soldier stands by
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Syria has begun digging a border ditch under US pressure to prevent foreign fighters slipping into Iraq and heading for Falluja.


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