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In pictures: Royal Watercolour Society
Francis Bowyer - Les Aperitifs
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The Royal Watercolour Society is holding a bicentennial exhibition called The Presidents Past and Present to celebrate those who have contributed to its history. Francis Bowyer, a teacher at the Royal Academy, held the presidency from 2000-2003.
Frederick Taylor - The Huntsman
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The exhibition at London's Bankside Gallery, running from 5-30 November, also features The Huntsman by Frederick Taylor, who died in 1889.
John Doyle - Ponte Scaligeri Verona
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The RWS was formed by breakaway members of the Royal Academy. At 200 years old, the RWS lays claim to being the oldest artistic body - after the Academy - still functioning in the UK. Pictured is John Doyle's Ponte Scaligeri Verona.
Sir John Gilbert - Joan of Arc
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Sir John Gilbert (1817-1897) was known for his military-inspired paintings. The son of an army captain, Sir John was an estate agent before discovering his artistic talent. His painting of Joan of Arc is in the exhibition.
Alfred Parsons - The Garden
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Alfred Parsons (1847-1920) painted this in his garden in the Cotswolds. He became president of the RWS in 1905.
Charles Bartlett - Marsh Creek
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The exhibition also features work by current members of the RWS who have served as president, including Charles Bartlett, whose Marsh Creek is pictured here.
John Doyle Sunset Mantua
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John Doyle, who is still a member of the RWS, held the presidency from 1996-2000. This is his landscape entitled Sunset Mantua.


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