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In pictures: Paul McCartney on the road
Sir Paul McCartney
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Sir Paul McCartney's two-year world tour has been captured on camera by photographer Bill Bernstein, who was allowed access to the star and his band.
Sir Paul McCartney
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The photographs capture rarely seen moments of Sir Paul and his band relaxing, along with his wife Heather.
Sir Paul McCartney
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The tour hit problems when Sir Paul lost his voice. Despite seeing a throat specialist, the singer had to cancel a gig in Sheffield.
Sir Paul McCartney
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He apologised to fans who had bought tickets for Sheffield, but he was back on form in time to resume the tour in Manchester.
Sir Paul McCartney
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Among the 45 images are some that provide a glimpse into Sir Paul's life away from the limelight, as he takes time out from his hectic travelling schedule.
Sir Paul McCartney
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Signed prints of the photographs on display will be sold to support the Adopt-a-Minefield charity, which counts Sir Paul and his wife among its principal campaigners.
Heather Mills McCartney
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Heather McCartney joined other fans in the audience to support her husband during a sell-out show.
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But for some, watching one of their heroes performing live proved overwhelming.
Crying girl
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In scenes reminiscent of Beatlemania, fans wept as Sir Paul made his entrance on stage.
Sir Paul McCartney
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The tour took Sir Paul to Russia, the US and Paris, where this picture was taken. His final live appearance was at a rain-soaked Glastonbury Festival in June 2004.
Sir Paul McCartney
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A collection of Bernstein's images are going on display at the Proud Camden gallery, alongside the release of a collaborative book entitled Each One Believing: Onstage, Off Stage and Backstage. The Sony Ericsson exhibition runs from 5-27 November.

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