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In pictures: Matisse's artistic heritage
The Red Beach (1905), Courtauld Gallery.  Succession H.Matisse/DACS 2004
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Artist Henri Matisse, who died 50 years ago on 3 November, grew up in the silk-weaving area of Picardy in northern France and was greatly influenced by the rich colours, textures and patterns. Succession H.Matisse/DACS 2004
Woman in a Kimono (c.1906), Courtauld Gallery
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Matisse subjects were primarily women, interiors, and still lifes. Early on he was associated with the daring style of fauvism, but he experimented with many different artistic styles.
Andre Derain (1905), Tate Liverpool
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Matisse met Andre Derain, pictured here, while studying in Paris. The two artists rented a disused restaurant in the city which they used as a studio.
Standing Nude (1906), Courtauld Gallery
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The artist is widely associated with bold pictorial colour, but he also turned his hand to sculpture "to give myself a rest from painting". His sculptures included work in clay and bronze.
Trivaux Pond (c.1916), Tate Modern.  Succession H.Matisse/DACS 2004
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Henri Matisse never abandoned his study of colour, moving to the South of France where he revelled in the Mediterranean light and produced some of his best-loved works.
The Inattentive Reader (1919), Tate Modern
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Armchairs form the centrepiece of Matisse's domestic imagery: "What I dream of is an art of balance, of purity, of quietness, without any disturbing subjects... something analogous to a good armchair," he said.
The Snail (1953), Tate Modern
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In his final years, recuperating from two major operations, Matisse focused on a technique using paper cut-outs. The artist died on November 3, 1954, in Nice.

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