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In pictures: Face of addiction
Roseanne Holland at 29
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Police in London are trying a new shock tactic in the war on drugs. Images showing the decline of addicts will be shown on posters, bar mats and flyers. This first image shows Roseanne Holland at the age of 29 before her heroin habit took hold.
Roseanne Holland
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A few years later, Ms Holland's habit starts to show in her face. Studies in London suggest that there are at least 45,000 chronic crack addicts in the city.
Roseanne Holland
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Ms Holland is American - police have pictures of British addicts but were constrained by issues of confidentiality.
Roseanne Holland
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Another addict taking part in the campaign wrote: "This drug is evil...Not only the outer disfiguration is extreme, the effect it has on your insides are worse".
Roseanne Holland
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At 38, Ms Holland has sunken cheeks and a skeletal face. Police do not know where she is but assume she is dead.

Mugshots used in anti-drug drive
01 Nov 04  |  London


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