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In pictures: Arafat health crisis
Crowds of supporters wave off Yasser Arafat from Ramallah
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Tearful supporters crowd around Yasser Arafat's helicopter as he leaves Ramallah for Jordan, where a jet was waiting to fly him to Paris for medical tests.
Yasser Arafat enters the Jordanian army helicopter
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A pale-looking Mr Arafat, dressed in military uniform and a fur hat, acknowledges the waves and chants of well-wishers.
A Palestinian police officer weeps as Mr Arafat leaves
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A Palestinian police officer weeps as he watches his ailing leader embark on the first leg of his journey.
Members of the public watch from rooftops surrounding the Ramallah compound
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Others crowd nearby rooftops to witness Mr Arafat leaving the Ramallah compound for the first time in more than two-and-a-half years.
Mr Arafat transfers from a helicopter to French hospital plane at an Amman airport
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Mr Arafat is greeted in Amman by Jordanian, Palestinian, French and UN officials before boarding a French jet to Paris.
Footage of Mr Arafat with his doctors in Ramallah
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On Thursday, Palestinian officials released footage of Mr Arafat looking pale and wan but smiling with his doctors in Ramallah.
A Palestinian woman weeps in the street after Mr Arafat's departure
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The people left behind in the Palestinian territories face an anxious and emotional wait for news on their leader's health.

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