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In pictures: Warsaw remembers
Warsaw street in August 1944
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Poland is marking 60 years since the Warsaw Uprising against the Nazis
Warsaw 1944 Uprising monument
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Wreaths are laid at the 1944 Uprising monument built to commemorate the dead.
An elderly veteran of the uprising looks at the wall with names of dead insurgents
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Some 200,000 people died in the doomed insurrection.
Polish President Aleksander Kwasniewski
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President Aleksander Kwasniewski of Poland said the tragedy of the uprising was its isolation.
Replica of Kubus
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Unaided by their allies, the resistance was forced to build its own weaponry - such as this armoured car, the Kubus.
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A group of scouts retraced the route through the storm sewers used by insurgents to escape the Nazis.
Veterans after mass
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A cathedral Mass was celebrated to start the ceremonies marking the doomed insurgency.
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The remains of veteran General Antoni Chrusciel were brought to Poland from the US for burial to mark the occasion.
Memorial statue
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It is a time for the young to learn about the terrible sacrifices made by an earlier generation.


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