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In pictures: Olympian's victory
Ken Matthews
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Ken Matthews won his only gold medal at the 1964 Tokyo Olympics.
Ken and his wife Sheila
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Ken's wife Sheila rushed onto the track when he crossed the finish line, 89 minutes later.
Ken and Sheila in Tokyo
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Sheila Matthews joined her husband on his lap of honour.
Ken and Sheila
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Ken's company asked him to pose for an official photograph with Sheila after his win.
Stan Vickers(left) was Ken's main rival
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Stan Vickers(left) was Ken's main rival during his competitions.
Ken worked hard on his technique
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Ken worked hard on his walking technique in Birmingham, where he lived.
Ken Matthews, cycling
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The 70-year-old has given up walking competitively but he now regularly cycles.
Ken and his gold medal
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Forty years on and Ken still has his memories of 1964 and his gold medal.

Gold medallist's fear for sport
29 Jul 04 |  North East Wales


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