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In pictures: Federico Fellini
Federico Fellini
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A retrospective on flamboyant Italian director Federico Fellini is being held by the British Film Institute from 29 July, as the Italian Cultural Institute displays Fellini costumes and photos.
I Vitelloni
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The BFI will screen a series of Fellini's most famous and lavish movies at London's National Film Theatre, including 1953's portrait of seaside town life, I Vitelloni.
caped suit from Intervista
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The film season coincides with Fabulously Fellini, an exhibition of photographs and costumes from Fellini films - including this caped suit from 1987's Intervista - at the Italian Cultural Institute in London.
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Amarcord was one of Fellini's most popular films, winning the best foreign film Oscar in 1975. Set in the 1930s, it depicted the director's young days in his hometown of Rimini.
dress from Casanova
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This dress from Fellini's 1976 film Casanova is one of a total of 13 costumes on display.
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Casanova's lead character, played by Donald Sutherland, spends the film exploring his sexual nature at Fellini's typically episodic pace.
La Dolce Vita
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Fellini's 1960 satire La Dolce Vita was his most widely popular film, and the iconic black dress worn by actress Anita Ekberg will be displayed at the Italian Cultural Institute.
Fellini's 8
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Fellini followed La Dolce Vita with the acclaimed 8, an autobiographical film detailing the struggles of film-making starring Marcello Mastroianni.
costume from The Clowns
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The Clowns, in which this costume was used, took Fellini's love of circus imagery to its limit in 1971.
Marcello Mastroianni
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Marcello Mastroianni starred in many of Fellini's most acclaimed films, becoming the director's alter-ego as he examined the questions of his life onscreen.

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