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In pictures: K2 conquest 50 years on
K2 base camp in 1954
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K2, the world's second highest mountain, was first climbed by Italians Lino Lacedelli and Achille Compagnon (all pictures courtesy of K2 2004 - 50 years later).
Lino Lacedelli and Achille Compagnoni on the summit of K2
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They reached the summit at 1800 hours (local time) on 31 July, 1954.
Climber on K2
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Since the first ascent, there have been around 190 similar conquests, and around 50 deaths. Most climbers have died on the way down.
K2 Base camp in 2004
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Mountaineers from all over the world are celebrating the anniversary, including Mr Compagnoni's nephew, who was among two groups who climbed K2 this month - the first successful ascents in three years.
Climbers on first successful ascent of K-2 in 1954
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In the far north of Pakistan, K2 was and remains barely visible from any inhabited place. In 1954 conditions were hazardous most of the time.
Climbers on K2 in 2004
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Despite improvements in technology, the mountain is today as dangerous as it was then with a much higher rate of fatalities than Everest.
1954 ascent of K2
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After the first ascent of K2, mountaineering became an important part of Pakistan's tourism industry.
Mountaineers on K2 in 2004
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K2 has claimed the lives of three South Korean climbers and five Pakistani porters so far this year.
Members of the Italian-led team in 1954
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To mark the anniversary fees for climbing K2 have been cut in half to $6,000 per team.
Italian climbers nearby K2 in 2004
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A mountaineering museum is being built not far from Skardu near K2, where an exhibition marking the jubilee will be held.

Recalling epic K2 first ascent
30 Jul 04 |  South Asia

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