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In pictures: Democratic convention - day two
Democratic National Convention delegate Elsie Burkhalter from Louisiana
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Delegates sport a range of badges - but their unifying message is support for John Kerry.
Badges for presidential candidate John Kerry and running mate John Edwards
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Badges supporting the Democratic candidates are being sold at the convention for $3 a piece.
Delegate Lucy Berman of Sun Lakes Arizona
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Democrats young and old have been flocking to Boston from as far as Arizona and Mississippi.
John Kerry shakes hands at a campaign rally
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As John Kerry presses the flesh at a campaign rally in Norfolk, Virginia...
Packs of placards proclaiming 'We Love Teresa'
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...placards sheathed in plastic wait to be unwrapped before his wife, Teresa Heinz Kerry, steps onto the stage.
Teresa Heinz addresses a delighted crowd
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The would-be first lady tells a delighted crowd that she is opinionated and proud of it.
John Kerry watches his wife's televised speech
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Her husband takes in her televised appearance from the relative calm of his hotel room.
Ron Reagan addresses the crowd
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Ron Reagan, son of the late US president, tells the crowd to vote for embryonic stem cell research.
Senate candidate Barak Obama
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Senate candidate Barak Obama, who some are already predicting will be the first black president of the US, tells the crowd that he feels a sense of urgency.


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